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07/02/13 10:59 AM #1    

Helen Boyd

Welcome to the Newton High School Class of 1964 Class Of 1964 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/28/14 07:24 PM #2    


Lewis Watts

Greetings from the left coast. First of all I don’t know who that dude is in the picture next to my name. When I saw that the reunion was on this date, I knew that I was probably not going to be able to make it. I’m in the last week of my career as an academic. I noticed that most of you have been retired for years and somehow I didn’t get the memo. The idea of 50 years is quite strange. Weren’t our parents really old when they turned 50? My experience at Newton High School is like a dream. My family moved from Seattle and I went to Warren Jr. Hi. in the 9th. Grade and the Newton school system kicked my ass. I know that the next 4 years helped to form the seeds many of my intellectual and political ideas but because I moved back west to the Bay Area almost immediately after we all graduated and I have literally only seen a few of you and not for at least the past 40 years, I can imagine that I would have had a glazed look all weekend at the reunion. On the other hand there are familiar names on the web page and faces from my youth appear. It would have been great to see all of you and a test of my failing memory. I think that Betsy and Nancy Stafford were some of the first people I met in Auburndale and I remember making a fantastic puck save with my jaw of a slap shot from Bob Atwood the first time I ever put on skates. 5 stitches. I remember that Al Forture told me to make sure to put my energy into studying when I didn’t make the starting team in football which was very good advice. A few of the names that come to me are: Richard Evans, Mark Tewksbury, Al Crosby, Stu Smith, Ann Moore, Lisa Lavely and Betty Lebrun plus a flood of faces in the hallways and lots of others who were good friends, acquaintances and just faces. I remember Mr. Wolf’s English class and tossing an empty beer can into the woods right after we graduated along with my class ring. Poetic justice.


I am a photographer and have taught at UC Berkeley and then UC Santa Cruz for the past 40 years. Interesting that I didn’t take an art class at NHS. I’ve published 2 books and I have work in museums and collections all over the world and I’m hoping to keep working on projects while I still have most of my marbles.  I’ve been married for over 30 years and have a new 6-month-old grandson. I saw the 50th. reunion tour of the Jim Kewskin Jug Band in Berkeley last year.  They sounded better then ever and I’m sure that is also true of many of you. They provided the sound track for many of the civil rights demostrations and hootenannies that were happening in 1964 in Boston. Congratulations to all who have made it this far and my thoughts go to those who did not. I was glad to hear that the rumor the Roger Watson died in Vietnam is obviously not true and I say mea culpa to Carl Lundquist who has chastised me greatly for not coming to this thing. I will raise a class to you during the weekend and I hope you will do the same for each other. Perhaps I’ll get it together for the 55th. or 60th.


Lewis Watts 

05/28/14 09:22 PM #3    

Dave Bliss

Lew...if you didn't know it, or if ...and it's worse...if you DON'T know it, ...let me tell you something: 

   "You are, AND were, an unmistakable gift to the N.H.S. Class of '64.  Please take it from me...and I say this ESPECIALLY before the event begins this coming Saturday added something to the Class of '64 like no one else....and if anyone didn't know that, they have only to read the note which you have posted to your class-mates, indicating something of your 'blessings from above,' both vocationally and as a member of a family.  We salute you, believe me,  we do!  (signed:  DAVE BLISS..."Class of '64,": on this Wednesday night before the big event...)

p.s. Send us an e-mail address, and Roger Watson and least dating back to our first encounter "out on the field," in late August, '62, as pre-season practicing (and I'll bet you were there...on the same field), I will send you some news that will perhaps surprise you, AND will also, BLESS you.

  My e-mail address is, for you and anyone else who may want it, is  < >  : 

05/28/14 10:55 PM #4    


Lewis Watts

Thank you Dave, I of course remember you and I will be there in spirit if not in fact. Roger and I always stood next to each other in the aphabetical line up.



05/29/14 03:37 PM #5    


T. Geoffrey Hale



I can't figure out how to post pictures, but I have one of you and I at Warren doing relay in my profile.

05/30/14 07:55 AM #6    


Anne Henderson (Henderson)

I'm wondering if anyone attending the reunion had my father, Mr. Charles Henderson, as a teacher at Weeks Junior High School. He moved to Newton South High School when it opened. If so, I would be delighted to hear any memories you may have of him. I attach a link to his obituary.

I also found a photo of Dad from the 1964 Newton South High School yearbook. Does it ring any bells for anyone??

06/01/14 09:35 AM #7    


David Benjamin

I had a great time last night at the reunion.  I was able to see everybody I wanted to see, except one person, but that was superceded by the people I did not expect to see with whom I renewed friendships, like Bill Horner, Jason Stone, Paul Yoffee, Glen Garber and, of course, Bill O'Brien, the funniest guy at Newton High.  You guys all Rock, and I am so glad I saw you.  There were others, TNTC, but now I have their emails and can stay in touch.

My thanks to everyone who came over to me to say hello and tell me they remembered me.  That meant a lot to me.  To those classmates who have passed away, I do remember you, too, and have been very saddened by your passing at such an early age.

Let me share something I have learned as I've grown older and wiser, which helps to make my life easier.  Try this little "experiment."  Stand up and extend one of your arms out from your shoulder as far as it will go.  Do you see where your findertips end?  Well, that is the extent of what you have control over in your life.  As soon as you realize that you can't control your SO, your parents, your kids. your friends, your boss (although you may be able to influence them), you will instantly become a happier person becuase you now have recognized the limitations of your "power" and should stop trying to do things that will never succeed.  That does not mean don't improve yourself, we can always do that, and should still strive to do so, but that is within us.

As "Dirty Harry" said, "A man's (woman's) got to know his/her limitations" - I say, after determinig your sphere of influence, work within it and do all you can.

Best wishes to everyone,


06/01/14 03:55 PM #8    

Anne Civetta

My thanks and congratulations to the committee for organizing such a wonderful event!  It's often a thankless job so please know how much this meant to us and how much fun it was!  It was a delight to connect with classmates I hadn't known or only knew slightly and it was warmly reassuring to reconnect with people who grew up together with me. (Well, I'm mostly grown up now... finally.) I was sorry to see how many classmates we've lost. I thought about that list as I went to sleep last night.

I knew I would leave the reunion feeling like I'd been at a family wedding where I only got to greet and talk with half the guests - but this just makes me look forward to the next reunion.  I certainly plan to be there!  See you in 5 or 10 years!   AC

06/01/14 10:27 PM #9    


Edward Clemon

Wish I could have been there. Looks like it was a lot of fun. 

Need names on the pictures so we can tell who is who. Only recognize Gail and Mike. 

06/02/14 09:40 AM #10    

Richard Capello

What a great time and seeing many friends from the past makes me remember that we grew up in the best era.

So many friends and so many memories, I am blessed for sure............

06/02/14 02:25 PM #11    

Kevin Maloney

WOW, what a reunion. this was all I could hope for. So great to see all who made it, sorry so many missed it. The committee did a perfect job. I believe all their efforts are appreciated by all who attended.  I have posted a few photos from Franklin School, Gr 5 and 6. to my profile, not sure where else they can be posted.

Lewis Watts - I always thought you would become a great sports caster. I fondly remember you announcing alll the Celtics game the following day.


06/02/14 09:00 PM #12    

Richard Capello

The dedication and hardwork done by the committee to achive the single goal of everyone of us having a time to remember and guess what? hey did just that.. The smiles and hugs will last a just long enough until the next time we all meet again. Til then, be healthy, be safe and enjoy life.

Dick Capello


06/02/14 10:52 PM #13    

Anne Moore (Hutton)

Let me add my congratulations and many thanks to our reunion committee. You did a fantastic job! Everyone had a such a good time rekindling old memories. I look forward to the 65th! Anne Moore

06/04/14 12:37 PM #14    

Dave Bliss

From Dave Bliss here...last weekend's events accomplished some very valuable and important things.  One could list here really a long list of "remarkable memories" that had been buried away, if not nearly forgotten, but also in the process, to re-kindle old friendships and to up-date awareness of the depth and widespread range of blessings that we all received in the Class of '64. 

   The weekend, from Fri. night to Sunday morning's. Breakfast, was like picking up diamonds that were spread all around...treasures not to be forgotten...and not to be 'matched,' either. 

  It may be hard for some to relate to the way I see things, but let me say it all the same...between Sept. 1961, and June, 1964, God opened the heavens and rained down diamonds for the "Class of '64."  But at the same time, it also goes without saying, that you and I have to pick them up and use them ... and if you don't know how, Ask Him!

Dated 4 June, 2014   e-mail:    ( I'm an e - mail guy...I took "Typing" in Miss Alterie's class senior year, one of the best courses I ever took at N.H.S., considering the usage of that gift...beginning freshman year in college up 'til this day...think of all those "fifty-cents-a-page" hired typist fees that I didn't have to pay.)

06/04/14 04:23 PM #15    

Nancy Stafford (Simmonds)

I was conflicted about whether to go to the 50th, but I am so glad I did. It surpassed all expectations. I saw so many old friends from Williams and Warren that I thought I would never see again in this life.  Helen, by now you are sick of hearing it, but GREAT JOB to you and the committee. I would love to see another reunion in the next few years..

06/06/14 03:30 PM #16    


Norma Colantuono (Ippolito)

I truly felt that this was the best reunion thus far.  Perhaps because we are older and wiser, connecting with classmates was more than special.  It was wonderful to talk with people I hadn't seen in 10, 25, 50 years!  It has rekindled old friendships. Then, to walk around my old neighborhood of Auburndale Sunday morning and point out places that were special to me to my husband, brought back a flood of memories.  Thank you to the committee for a memorable night.  You outdid yourselves!  And I can't say enough about this website.  It will keep us in touch with each other until our next reunion.


11/21/15 11:44 PM #17    


David Benjamin

Hi everyone,

I will be on TV tomorrow, Sunday, Nov. 22nd at 12:30 pm on Forensic Files on HLN.  The name of the show is A Dessert Served Cold, and it is a famous Mass. case about an alleged murder due to LSD.  But, LSD is not a direct poison like heroin or cocaine, so I knew there was something wrong when the Com of Mass charged Christina Martin (the defendant) with murdering her significant other by putting LSD in his Jello.

That is the other "pet name" for this case, The "LSD in the Jello Case."  If you enjoy a good forensic murder mystery, and you'd like to watch me testify in court and explain what happened, watch it or tape it.  It is an old show from 2003, but it is very interesting and demonstrates why it is so important to retain a good forensic expert to testify for the defense.

I know some of you already have seen it because a couple of people told me they saw it, when I saw them at the reunion.  Who would have thought that I would have gone from Mr. Rist's chemisty class to Forensic Files almost 40 years later?

11/22/15 04:08 PM #18    

Margaret Pillion (Elliott)

For those who missed the Forensic Files show (as I did), it can be viewed on YouTube.


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