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Jeffrey Michelson


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Walnutport, PA USA
Spouse/Partner: Joanna
Occupation: Author, Book, Web Designer, Commercial Director.

Jeffrey Michelson is a journalist, media wizard, former Apple Records advertising designer, former sex magazine editor, and co-author of
LAURA MEETS JEFFREY with Foreword and Commentary by Norman Mailer.

Two geniuses shaped Jeffrey's life. In 1967, he was houseboy and sparring partner to Norman Mailer and they remained close friends. In 1970, John Lennon chose Jeffrey's ad campaign for his album IMAGINE and asked Jeffrey to design Apple Records' media.
In 1976, Jeffrey created Puritan and guided the explicit sex magazine to respect with outstanding photography and revealing interviews with heavy hitters like Mailer, Timothy Leary, Tennessee Williams, Terry Southern and Hunter S. Thompson.

In the mid 1980s in London, Jeffrey fronted the cult-favorite rock band Max & The Broadway Metal Choir.

In 1984 he also produced Artcore, a hard-core erotic coffee table book photographed in Paris, London and Los Angeles. While shooting in L.A. he was arrested for pornography and faced a mandatory three-year sentence until the California Supreme Court ruled he was not only "not guilty" but "factually innocent."

Jeffrey mostly retired in 2009, after two decades of directing TV commercials, to work on his horse ranch, do occasional gigs, grow organic vegetables, and finish his book, Laura Meets Jeffrey.

Which Junior High School did you attend?


Where were you when President Kennedy was shot? Describe the scene.

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Who was the person who most influenced your life? (For good or bad) What did they do to affect you? How is this influence affecting you today?

John Lennon saw some of my advertising design and had Apple Records hire me as their media designer in 1970. It launched my career as a graphic designer.

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I wrote a memoir.
Norman Mailer guided me through the writing, made two contributions to the text and also bequeathed me the Foreword.
It's called Laura Meets Jeffrey and it's available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iBooks. It's about the my years working for John, Yoko, George and Apple Records, and it centers on1980-1983 when I fell in love with an upscale prostitute/ lingerie model.
Check it out on Amazon. It's available in Print and eBook and just came out in a Leather Bound hardcover.
You can also go to for a taste of the book.

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