55th Reunion - Thoughts?

Discussion is underway regarding a 55th reunion. 

Some folks have expressed an interest in having smaller possibly regional get-togethers such as the group in Florida.  Our 52nd was a Boston Harbor cruise which was a small group, and some feel that the smaller gatherings lead to more intimacy.  Certainly the 50th was a big group and it was impossible for anyone to talk to everyone personally.

We are meeting this Saturday November 25th to start the ball rolling on some version of the 55th and we would like to hear your comments.

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1)   I prefer a Big Bash like the 50th

Yes No
2)   I would prefer a smaller more informal gathering

Yes No
3)   I have no preference - I'm up for any kind of party!

Yes No
4)   I do not want to travel to Newton but would like to attend a local gathering. I live near:

5)   I would prefer a one-day rather than a weekend

Yes No
6)   I would prefer a whole weekend with other activities like the 50th.

Yes No
7)   My comments and suggestions:

Please let us know what you would like to see the class do for any future celebrations.